Short Hole Drill


    With the ARNO®  AKB drilling system we offer  you even more options for performance drilling

    • Available in drill depth 2 × D and 3 × D
    • Diameter  range 14 mm - 45 mm
    • Nickel plated and polished surface for better swarf evacuation
    • 4 edges per insert
    • Insert available in 4 geometries and 4 Grades
    • Suitable for use on machining centers and lathes

Products Details

Grade description

PVD- Multilayer coating,substrate +TILAN

For machining  steel, stainless steel and cast materials. A versatile grade for low to medium cutting speed.
The harlder substrate is very wear resistant and therfore offers good tool life.High heat resistance.

PVD - Multilayer coating ,substrate  +TILAN

A tougher universal grade in the P30-P35 ISO area.Main application area is steel drilling but also suitable for stainless steel.Can also be used for interrupted cutting.

PVD-Multilayer coating ,substrate +TILAN
Main grade for drilling cast materials.Extreme performance due to combination of fine grain substrate  and coating .For use with medium cutting speeds under normal to stable machine conditions.

The main grade for drilling GG cast  iron ,aluminium ,aluminium alloys , copper and copper alloys as well as bronze and brass at medium data and in good machine conditions