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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus


    Demand Valve set
    Turns the air into suitable pressure level for human body

    Pressure Guage
    Helps Monitor cylinder pressure inbuilt warning alarm indicator


    Back Supporting plate
    For snug fit and even distribution of weight

    Light weight, chemical, heat, flame & water resistant

    Skin Comfort in tough coditions


    Face Mask set

    Made of silicon material : Light weight

    Speech- diaphragm to communicate

    2-strap head harness Shock & impact resistant


    Adjustable Waistband
    With quick release buckles


    Pressure reducing valve
    Reduces high pressure gas to medium pressure gas supplied for breathing


    Supplied With Strong Storage Case

Products Details

Suggested Applications

  • Firefighting
  • Shipping
  • Petroleum
  • Chemical
  • Metallurgy
  • Electricity
  • Mining
  • Medical
  • Hazardousmaterial
  • Spill Management
  • Nuclear industry
  • Light Industry
  • Energy Utilities