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    Prestige ROYAL-CAST™ is a breakthrough in low cost, high quality, gypsum bonded investment material developed specifically for the casting of high & low production Brass & Bronze jewelry castings. Royal Cast uses high purity raw materials specially graded refractory minerals, special additives and control chemicals for stable working times.

Products Details

  • Ease of use — Mixes a thin, creamy, easy to pour consistency
  • High purity — Uses only the world’s finest raw materials from America&Europe
  • Control — Incorporates special, proprietary wetting and antifoaming agents for smooth, sharp, detailed castings
  • Variable w/p ratios — Can be used for thick to thin designs using 38%—40% water to powder ratio
  • Superior mold strength — Engineered to have superior mold strength for casting both small and the largest flasks in both small and high volume shops
  • Heat resistance — Highly resistant to temperature with good thermal shock properties
  • Sharp reproduction — Engineered particle size distribution especially for brass. Captures the delicate details